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*. *.*. .*.*.* .* Welcome *. *. *.*. .*.*.*

We live in a doggy dog world,
where you offer friendship,
warm words from lived experiences,
positive mindsets to make a difference

But it is a seriously cold world;
few hands that lend to feed you
Do they even know it is
the one to keep you alive
Even if it offers often
only scraps of themselves...

You would be willing to take those morsels
just to feel like someone actually cares about you.
Many times others just ignore
what might be a blessing to them.

But ultimately real friendships do endure
There are those who stood the test of time
and bonded with you for eternity.

They were not the ones who were only
a shallow presence filled with empty promises;
those that do not offer you real warmth
or shelter from the cold,
they will fade in life forever

The ones who came into your life
adding that little something special,
Nothing can remove their joy from you;
neither the hope which lingers like a light
like a soft candle on a dark night in your heart.

This has nothing to do with your self worth
unless you permit it...the bad people
will try to drain you, some unknowingly
but a real friend will always open
a door of their heart to you.

A flower fades in the cold,
reappears in the spring
grows in beauty in summer
but my love in friendship
for you endures always

We may not write often
or make that call in any given time
but what we built in the past
kept a glow which grows
and holds up in any hour
love tested the time!

If you receive this it is because
maybe you stepped up to the plate once
maybe you gave me something to keep me alive
or maybe you offered your time
or an ear to this troubled heart of mine.

Yet something kept the walls standing
in our friendship and caused me to write
I love you for you and wish you well
you remain a friend of mine!

Never forget your friendship cannot
fade from me like the flower, unless you are
the one who left without a goodbye, abused or used me;
please know this time it helps me leave for good
and know that it is a block to remain around you.
I am not allowing you to remove - ever again
I hold to the vitality which life offers me.

I feel like I am fading like a flower because some
have caused me undue pain which ripped a lot out of me
and now I stand alone, offering only ashes for the neglect
when I thought you were my friend, you pushed me away.

Goodbye to those who feel their conscience prickled
because it is a bittersweet memory you left me.
Friendships stand the test of time and know this too
those meant to remain were the ones who felt the need
to just stop and actually care for another when possible

My thoughts and prayers go to you who read this now
never forget I am only human, and frail, with nothing to offer
except kindness, gratitude, or warmth and a sincere friendship..
to the good and deserving who did not try to invade my space
or penetrate my bubble which is needed to keep a balance within me.

Keep the candle glowing for those who cannot see beyond
help remove the dark moments which follow them all day long
there are things I cannot share because of the stigma
it holds in this world - I am returning to medications
until I can find an end to my suffering of past traumas.

I am humble before God who created me to wish you all well.

Remember the healthy mind is a gift we need to hold dear
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to whichever the one you hold dear....

In time I will speak out more on what needs to be shared
until then keep me in your prayers to remain close
to the bright light of life where my mind can get lost within it
from giving too much of myself and forgetting to be fueled.

Today for now writing is my outlet
to speak my deepest thoughts or ideals
and I hope I can teach others something
we all need to live our lives
the best we can and cherish the ones
who brought us something good along the way.

Let them know this because words
need to be spoken before they are gone
because nobody was their lighthouse upon the seas of life.

God made YOU to be the one
to be His voice here too
to seal the will-bond to life
which sometimes gets weakened by sadness.

For now I am going back to my psychiatrist
who listens when nobody wants to hear
who gave me a solution to stay intact
and gain my life as I must live it meanwhile.

You cannot supply my need,
only I can change things
because you cannot see where I came from
but my heart prays for you and others
and until I can function again.

I need to surround myself anywhere
with those who truly supply my need
anything a human heart hungers for,
I am taking time to find me again
I need to make changes in my life
turn my mourning into joys again.

.`.. ♥
..) .*)
(. (. . .`.♥

God bless you to understand how important every
act or word does not go unnoticed by God;
We are building bridges to make a better life.

*. *.*. .*.*.* .* God Bless *. *. *.*. .*.*.*

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